As a new graduate, the big world of work can be daunting. The first few years are full of uncertainty and can determine the rest of your career. I’m a true believer that mentorship and reflection are two of the most important factors in professional development, especially at this time, and feel very fortunate to have had help from Glynis.

I looked forward to each monthly meeting where we set goals, discussed any problems, and worked together to find solutions. Her support enabled me to progress quickly and build confidence in my practice.

I firmly believe osteopathy is lucky to have individuals like Glynis and, having already recommended a mentorship with Glynis to a friend I would not hesitate to do so again.

Whether it’s organising CPD evenings with local groups or working as a iO council member, Glynis is always making a positive contribution to the profession.

Over our monthly discussions, I benefited greatly and learnt a lot, and I wanted to outline some lessons that I appreciated:

  • Your support and guidance – during a particularly disheartening period for me personally and professionally our chat was the turning point at which everything became more optimistic
  • Reassurance – after leaving University and without tutor guidance I could be unsure and question my own decisions and abilities. I always felt reassured by you which gave me the confidence to then look and work on areas for my improvement
  • Improving my patient management-specifically communication expectations, treatment plans, and CPD workshops in Edinburgh
  • Advice regarding associateships-as an experienced principal your advice regarding the issues of an associate principal relationship was invaluable and incredibly helpful
  • Encouraging professional and personal development through case-based discussion using specific examples to identify areas of improvement but also considering strengths and possibilities.

I’d like to thank you for your genuine care and support for the last year and greatly appreciate your willingness to continue after the mentorship period.

Harry,  Graduate Osteopath – October 2020


Glynis has a wealth of experience and can provide all the support that osteopaths of various length of practice may need.

Glynis has been my mentor for over a year now. We do our sessions remotely over Facebook or over the phone. It has worked well for me for any issues re: communication, strategy, CPD and pastoral care.

I have found it an advantage to use the services of a mentor who may not know my direct colleagues, patients or team members for confidentiality reasons. However, I particularly recommend Glynis for her calm and focused approach to any situation, her ability to motivate osteopaths to thrive in their own practice and draw osteopaths together to become part of a diverse yet unified bigger picture.

Glynis has a wealth of experience and can provide all the support that osteopaths of various length of practice may need.  If you think you could do with a friendly mentor, Glynis is the expert to call on.

Ariana,  Osteopath –  November 2020


Glynis has challenged, encouraged me and mentored me through a rollercoaster of a year.

I have been working with Glynis under the Institute of Osteopathy’s Mentorship Programme and am just coming to my final session. Over the last year Glynis has challenged, encouraged and mentored me through a rollercoaster of a year. Through bi-monthly mentoring sessions with Glynis I have been able to; set, monitor and achieve goals to help grow my business, but also grow professionally and personally as a person. I cannot recommend Glynis enough and would encourage all health professionals to sit down and open a discussion with Glynis, no matter whether they are infantile, or more mature in their professional career.  

Rory Tyrol,  Osteopath –  December 2020