Coaching Services

Coaching and mentoring

6 sessions over 3- 6 months

Coaching is a structured process to help you figure out what you really want in your professional life. As a coach, Glynis can support you to identify the changes you want to make and help you to make them.

3 year CPD review

one off session or ongoing support

The new CPD scheme makes it even more important for established practitioners to collaborate; offering support and guidance to each other and to newer graduates.


Benefits of working with a coach

Tailored support for Osteopaths

Many Osteopaths work on their own.  Coaching and mentoring from a fellow Osteopath provides invaluable support and direction.

3 year CPD reviews

The CPD scheme aims to address professional isolation.  By working together on your CPD review, you can sound out your ideas in a safe, supportive space.   

Develop your vision

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday business of being an osteopath.  A coach helps you to work towards your long term goals whilst managing the every day more efficiently.


Working with a coach ensures you stay on track and achieve your CPD targets and longer term plans. 


Why choose Glynis as your coach?


Experienced Osteopath

Glynis has been working as an Osteopath for 23 years.  She is principal Osteopath in a busy Edinburgh practice. 


Experienced Coach

Glynis has been a coach and mentor for her junior colleagues for over ten years.


Active member of Osteopathic associations

Glynis is an active member of Osteopathic associations on a local and national level. This year Glynis became President of the Institute of Osteopathy.


Approachable, friendly and professional

Glynis is passionate about sharing her experience of being an Osteopath with fellow Osteopaths.



Not only is Glynis an excellent osteopath, but an empathetic and devoted mentor.   I looked forward to each monthly meeting where we set goals, discussed any problems, and worked together to find solutions. Her support enabled me to progress quickly and build confidence in my practice.


Graduate Osteopath

Glynis has a wealth of experience and can provide all the support that osteopaths of various length of practice may need.  If you think you could do with a friendly mentor, Glynis is the expert to call on.



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